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Photograph courtesy of The London Science Museum/ Jennie Hills photographer.

Featuring the work, past and present, of Model Maker & Illustrator SIMON ATKINSON.

The site is devided into different sections reflecting the diverse areas of Simon's activities. We hope you enjoy the selection of images.

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For over 35 years as a professional Model Maker, simon has built models of many varieties and subjects, Film & TV, Architectural, Aerospace, Industrial, Motorsport and Product Design.

To view a sample of a few of the many hundreds of projects he has been involved in go to the SIMON ATKINSON MODELMAKING section of the site.  



Simon is perhaps best known for his illustration work - in particular that seen in the landmark publication 2001: filming the future by author and close friend Piers Bizony.

To see more of Simon's illustration projects including 2001, Graphic Novel Art, TV/Film Concepts, Railway Art & much more go to the SIMON ATKINSON ILLUSTRATION section 


Recently unearthed artworks now featured in Simon Atkinson Illustration


The London Modelmaking company that produced many of the screen's iconic models & miniatures and where Simon Atkinson's professional model making career began is remembered exness mt4.

Simon's Musical Alter Ego Releases New Album !

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